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Friday, January 26, 2018

ArcadeMash : Showreel

Showcasing our new project
Android Mobile Devices
Mayhem Shooter with RPG elements. A Role-Playing Shooter (RPS) is a game that rolls both Shooting and Role-Playing elements together.

ArcadeMash is an action packed topdown rpg shooter with endless monster waves. Play the solo in autogenerated maps. Track your achievements in Trophies. Dont forget Shop. There is five Weapons. What's more, each of them can be modified in several ways by using the weapon or buing upgrade kits.

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Price 1.89€/EU 2.59$/US

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Price 1.89€/EU 2.59$/US

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Price 1.89€/EU 2.59$/US

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Price 1.89€/EU 2.59$/US

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