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Mobile Software 

Bug Buzzer: The ultimate pest repellent

Intended to repel fleas, mosquitoes, house flies, roaches, mices and rats

Ultrasonic sound waves with frequencies varies between 20 Hertz and 44 kilohertz which insects and animals feel even if they do not hear thus ward off the pests. Bug Buzzer protects not only you but also your family and friends. Remember do not use if there are pets in your house! 

Get Ad-Free Pro version for $1 from or you can get in addition of Patreon Membership and you could get even more.

Ghost Hunting Tools: To seek out the paranormal
Uses Android Phone tri-axis magnetic sensor measured in microtesla to detect and measure electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emissions from paranormal activity.
Get if for free from Google Play! Or buy Ad-Free Pro version for $5 from or you can get in addition of Patreon Membership and you could get even more.

Some smartphones offer an option to disable or enable a network by quick menu, if not, then Connections Shortcut is easy to use.Drag icon on Home screen anywhere you want. With just one tap to access connection settings to share your smartphone's mobile internet with other devices.

Get it for free from Google Play.




Increase your productivity and save your eyes with a new GRM Dark skin. Reduces eye strain and makes automatic color coding easier to read, which makes code much faster to understand at a glance. Theme based on video game Enemy Remains.

This is a game / editor that Harri Jokinen worked on in early 2018. It's really rough, shaky and has an unreliable save / load function. I wanted to keep it available for archiving purposes. The game part is pretty undeveloped, just a techdemo really. You can just shoot the enemies and roam around the map.  

There is a Debugging.txt included in the package, which you should read before using the editor. The file explains the basic controls and debugging tools that are implemented in the editor.

Like Kalaban and Speeder Challenge, this game was also developed with Fusion 2.5. If you own the Clickteam software, you can purchase Hordelands022.mfa and have a look under the hood!

OBS! The MFA source code also needs Looki's Mega Shader Pack 2.0 to function. 

Get access to the following files:
Hordelands - Free editor / game executable 16 MB
If you pay $5 USD or more:
Hordelands - Full source code & Editor 32 MB