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Friday, September 18, 2020



WEEKEND MADNESS: Area 51 Defense available for a special discount for a limited time!

 Area 51 Defense is an action-packed survival shooter, with an in-built level editor and endless waves of enemies. 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Area 51 Defense - Update #13


 Hello, soldiers!

This week we have a significant new update, with both visual and gameplay tweaks. One of the biggest updates include adding tank vehicles, fellow soldiers and automatic turrets into the mix. Many elements of the user interface have also gotten a face lift and the main menu has been completely re-hauled.

Here is the full-ish fixlist of this major update:

  • A whole new look for the main menu.
  • Weapons indicator tweaked.
  • Added Tank vehicle for the player.
  • Added fellow AI soldiers to aid you in battle.
  • Added automatic turrets into the game.
  • Re-hauled the first map in Survival mode.
  • Re-done all weapon projectiles and effect.
  • Added enemy death animation bounce in direction of death effect.
  • Fixes for the Z ordering loop, tackling the clipping on tall buildings.
  • Added gibbing effects for the enemies.
  • Added Tank Health and Ammo on HUD and Weapon indicator.
  • Added Tank running over enemies, gibbing them.
  • Added Tank taking damage from attacking enemies.
  • Added game time counters to track time of play in Survival mode.
  • Made username to be highlighted if its empty or blank.
  • Added basic rank system for the player with names and icons.
  • Lighting fix to make day brighter and night darker
  • Most lights in-game are now bigger.
  • Added a link to Twitter from Credits sub-menu.
  • All the fences now have individual damaged graphics and debris when they get destroyed.
  • Added defense turrets without ammo/health limit, so you can place as many in-game as you want.
  • Made weapon reload times 20% quicker to balance the new faster enemy speeds.
  • Changed enemy spawn times in survival mode from 50 ms to 30 ms
  • Max enemies capped at 50, instead of 40.
  • Added brightness slider and screen effect in the Options.

New Gameplay Tip:
One new rank takes 3000 kills to level up. Use the base's new defenses to your advantage.

We hope you all enjoy these improvements, because we here at GameRealmMadness and over at Alien Seed Games have worked hard to implement them. Happy hunting!

- Harri J.