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Monday, November 30, 2020

A New Breed of Topdown Mayhem

MAXIMUM GUTS AND CARNAGE ! -- Enemy Remains is a punishing continuation to Kalaban, offering a blend of intense top-down action and survival horror.

Play the game solo or with your friend in couch co-op mode! Monsters and fiends won't stand a chance against two players working as one. But sudden death awaits the careless and brash explorer.

We've built the game from the ground up to focus on the gameplay. Nothing comes between you and the action; no unskippable cutscenes, dialogue windows, inventory screens or menus that you have to haul around. There is no food meter to manage, and no useless junk to carry around. It's just you, your weapons and medkits -- against the relentless supernatural foes.

Powered by the Unity engine, all the environments can be explored in full 3D glory. Objects will have physics, bullets landing on different surfaces will react with different effects, crates and barrels can be pushed around... You can even use the environment as your advantage, luring the enemies into mines or laser traps, or destroy these deadly mechanisms with explosives.

There is a small town, in the middle nowhere, which you left as a child. Now as a teenager, after graduating from high school, you hear strange stories of animal mutilation, unholy rituals and ravenous mutant wildlife brewing in your old hometown. It's time to investigate these occurrences and put an end to the corruption that's unfolding. 

Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday GRM Sale 2020

Black Friday GRM Sale 2020  
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