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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Version 1.2.2 released!


It's nice to see our game gaining more popularity, with more streamers and reviewers discovering the product. We've been hard at work creating new games for all of you to enjoy, and we're gonna share some recent updates with you.

But first let's talk about Kalaban. It's been almost four years since the original launch, and nearly six years since the project was first envisioned. That is a really long time in the business as most games, indie or big, come and go so quickly.

I've spent the last couple weeks overhauling the game's code, dusting off the old tomes of programming and art that are linked to this project. I've made a lot of improvements, and couple of overhauls that I wish you players will appreciate. As always, I hold keeping the original game in high regard, and I have no wish to re-do the whole project, and if I ever start such a remastering project, it will be a separate game entirely .. and with a bigger budget.

Here are the changes I've made in brief:
  • Fixed starting bug where your previous inventory did not disappear.
  • Fixed death on loading new scene bug.
  • Revised fullscreen / windowed resolution changing.
  • Optimized background graphics.
  • Mouse item highlight revised.
  • Added arrow keys for movement.
  • Minor fixes for particle effects.
  • Minor fix for the scene transition descriptions.
  • Revised brightness and contrast visuals and settings.
  • Enemy obstacle collision revised.
  • Enemy pathfinding revised.
  • Projectile enemy AI revised.
  • Minor graphical revisions for background graphics.
  • Melee hitboxes and collisions revised.


During this year we've made massive leaps forward with game development. We've been updating Area 51 Defense extensively after it moved out of Early Access in last December.

The game has gotten lots of cool features, that we're excited to see you players discover. The level editor has received a complete overhaul, with tons of new graphics and custom tiles added. Area 51 Defense truly feels like a comprehensive survival shooter at the moment.

We're planning on adding Defense and Campaign game modes next, and we've got awesome ideas for an extra campaign DLC. All the usual features like automated turrets, fellow AI soldiers and vehicles will also be seen in these new game modes.

Go give the game a spin, and tell us what you'd like to see next!

Another bigger event in the horizon is Enemy Remains, which is currently in early testing stage exclusive for our Patreon supporters.

The game is an action-packed continuation to the world created in Kalaban, and will challenge even the most seasoned top-down shooter fans. The focus this time will be on survival horror, environmental storytelling and facing gameplay and level design challenges. The battles will be more intense and also packing much more punch. Environments this time will feature destructible obstacles, dynamic objects simulated with real physics and traps to punish the careless players.

Explore this adventure with your friend in couch co-op mode or face against an endless horde of monsters in the survival mode. Frights and thrills are to be expected when you venture into the corrupt little town and meet it's denizens in a fully 3-D experience!

Join our Patreon today to gain full access to the game being created, with tons of extra content like behind-the-scenes stuff and DRM-free builds of our other games.

- Harri J.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Area 51 Defense - UPDATE #14

Hello, soldiers!

We have a long-awaited update for the game, fixing the compatibility issues and adding new improvements to the gameplay. We have especially tackled the reported issue of antivirus software falsely tagging our game as a trojan or malware. These problems should now be fixed.

  • Fixed online high score bug.
  • Only player kills now add to the score, instead of having score increased from all the turret and AI soldier kills.
  • Level editor has received a massive overhaul.
  • All new maps for the Survival game mode.
  • Additional Gauntlet Maps added, which you can replace the existing survival maps with.
  • Updated level tiles in the editor, and heaps of new tiles added.
  • Interior levels added into the editor and into playable maps.
  • Highlighted hits for the explosive barrels when they get shot.
  • Added lights on the pickups, so now they can be seen better in the dark.
  • Lighting system in the editor received a big update.
  • Fellow AI bots have received an update, and they now move around more.
  • Fixed a lot of software compatibility issues.

We hope that you will explore the level editor, make new maps and share them with your friends and other community members. Remember to save a safe copy of the existing maps when you edit them!

Happy hunting!

-Harri J.