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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hello there! News from GRM


Ghost Hunting Tools: To seek out the paranormal
Uses Android Phone tri-axis magnetic sensor measured in microtesla to detect and measure electromagnetic frequency (EMF) emissions from paranormal activity
Get it for free from Google Play!
Or buy Ad-Free Pro version for $5 from


Are pests bothering you in your home? Can't you sleep in your cottage in peace? We may have a solution for you: Our latest app is here Bug Buzzer. Check it out!

Intended to repel fleas, mosquitoes, house flies, roaches, mices and rats

Ultrasonic sound waves with frequencies varies between 20 Hertz and 44 kilohertz which insects and animals feel even if they do not hear thus ward off the pests. Bug Buzzer protects not only you but also your family and friends. Remember do not use if there are pets in your house! 

Android required. Works Android 4.0 up to 11. Custom APK installation. Includes Instructions. This version is Ad-Free


A new version of Enemy Remains finally hits Steam:
  • Added 'Church Road' map for the Hardcore difficulty.
  • Added 'Mansion Library' map for the Hell difficulty.
  • Cultist Boss AI fix.
  • Barrel explosions tweaked.
  • Sound mixing overhauled.
  • Mech sounds overhauled.
  • Added active sound mixing based on distance.
  • Added Day/Night cycle into the scenes.
  • Mangler walking sound after death bug fixed.
  • Survival map one overhauled.
  • Special gibbing effects added for Mole mutant.
  • Special gibbing effects added for Mangler.
 Read more at Steam: