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Mobile Games

SPACE CONQUER - Windows, Html5, Android Game - 2020 PEGI 7
Free to play on and Google Play
You're a Space Conqueror Exploring Unknown Planets. An unstable wormhole causes a forced landing, which leads to the destruction and evacuation of the ship. This game was submission to LOWREZJAM 2020 

YOD: War of Finland - Android Game - 2019 PEGI 7
Free to play on Google Play

This game is based on the true story of Winter War.
Story begins before Soviet invasion to Finland on 30 November 1939, and Moscow Peace Treaty on 13 March 1940. Game includes play modes like infantry missions and skiing, and vehicles like the motorcycle, car, plane and tank. Fight through 11 missions with historical maps and unique atmospheric music

Area 51 Defense Mobile - Android Game - 2019 PEGI 7
Free to play on Google Play

Area 51 Defense is an action-packed survival shooter with crazy enemy encounters and random power-ups.

The game itself is a "comedic mayhem shooter", where you defend Area 51 from web-dwelling monsters, minions and foes. Complete waves and gain the highest score while doing so

Crypts of Death - Android Game - 2019 PEGI 3
Free to play on Google Play 

 Horror Fantasy RPG for the Android with Roguelike elements. Fight through the graveyards and haunted forests, crypts and tombs filled with unspeakable horrors! Take control of four different warriors, spin the daily treasure wheel, and visit the shop for powerful magic weapons

ArcadeMash - Android Game - 2018  PEGI 12
  This is Paid game on 

 ArcadeMash is an action packed topdown rpg shooter with endless monster waves. Play the solo in autogenerated maps. Track your achievements in Trophies. Dont forget Shop. There is five Weapons. What's more, each of them can be modified in several ways by using the weapon or buing upgrade kits

Lasercrash - Android Game - 2017 PEGI 3
(Not available for new players)

A classic style space shooter where you try to blast your way through an asteroid field and survive

Neurotron - Html5, Android Game - 2015 PEGI 12 
  Free to play on IndieDB

Neurotron is a cyberpunk-themed action RPG. The game was a soft-launched as a free early access title on the GooglePlay, on December 31, 2015. The full version of the game was visioned to be a Premium mobile title with In-App Purchases. We are still open for developing the full version, if we find a publisher to fund the development

HazManiac - Android Game - 2015 PEGI 12
(Not available for new players)
You are a mad scientist named Dr. Volta and your mission is to protect your tech fortress from the invading soldiers, tanks and planes