GRM is an indie development team, making games and software for the PC and Mobile platforms
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Use this email to contact us :
grmgamedev [at] gmail [dot] com

GRM Software is a digital interactive entertainment producer, group was set up in 2014. Our members are industry veterans with a long background in game production. 
 GRM develops and publishes games for desktop and mobile devices. GRM: We believe that the future is in the games industry, and we want to bring game makers together. Be it game artists, graphic designers or musicians, we will find a place for great talent.  Our team is multinational, flexible and always ready for new ideas and innovations. We want to avoid stagnation at all costs. 
GRM has a long history in the multimedia field. Our pioneers put their skills together, and the result is something completely new and surprising every time. With each new IP we want to explore a different genre, or put a new spin to a game genre we have already explores. 
 You can follow our journey on our web feeds and social media accounts. GRM is constantly seeking new talent, with new fresh ideas and games underway. We want to keep moving in this evolving field of entertainment and technology. 
We here at GameRealmMadness believe in fun and satisfying gameplay. Every title we have developed, or helped to develop, has focused on delivering the best experience we can craft.

 If you become our supporter on Patreon, you will get access to playable builds to all our upcoming games!

Fresh updates about our existing games already in distribution will be posted on our page, so by supporting us you will get insider information on them, including active sales and critical new updates.

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