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The SuomiRPG

     Lord Finnish

        A game by Rayhouse Productions

        Music by Eetu Suoranta

        Additional design by GameRealmMadness

        ' THE SUOMI RPG '


       PLATFORM: Windows, PC, Desktop

  TOOLS: Clickteam Fusion 2.5., Photoshop & Reason

     Assembly Summer 2015 Gamedev compo



 'THE SUOMI RPG' is a graphical role-playing adventure in
 the northern land of Fintannia. Your task is to save
 the world from boredom! In order to do this, you need to
 open the five dungeons with their words of power. From
 the dungeons you need to collect 5 mythical pages of Sketch,
 take them to Lord Finnish and together they will form
 the Book of Random!


 Arrow keys - Movement & Action direction

 Q - Quit & Save

 L - Look

 A - Attack

 S - Search (a part of environment)

 B - Board (a vehicle)

 E - Enter (a city, village, rymymaja, cabin)

 K - Climb (in a dungeon)

 G - Get (items on the ground)

 X - Exit a vehicle or transportation

 T - Talk (to NPCs)

 Z - Stats (skills, equipment, character)

 Y - Yell (a word of power)

 I - Inventory (view and use an item)

 H - Hole up & camp (restores HP)

 R - Ready (a shamanistic magic)

 C - Cast (the selected magic)


 (C) Copyright  Rayhouse Productions,  2015


The Suomi RPG The Suomi RPG  by Rayhouse Productions