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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Updates and New Releases


 Ghosthunter's Pro version available also on Google Play Store. Get newest functions and updates before users of free version. You can get version as part of our Patreon membership

As dev note I can confirm that I reworked whole app with Unity. Old Android Studio version was outdated and this new have better performance. Users doesn't need choose camera software anymore. There is new universal system which makes it easy and fast to use for everyone

It's totally reworked with Unity Engine. A lot of effects and new functions. New EMF-Meter and SpiritBox included 


We also have new releases on beta state. Rally Test is our racing game to fight against time. There is global leaderboard. Support our development and join to our Patreon for 2$ per month. You will get access to Rally Test and all other games we've on beta

Our MotoManiac is motocross bike racing in auto-generated 2d realm. It's also on beta and available for our Patrons. You can play it on your browser without installing. MotoManiac also have global leaderboard for highscores. Test it now