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PC Games

 Enemy Remains - Windows, Mac, Linux Game - 2021
This is a premium game sold on Steam / Free Demo is available

Enemy Remains is a punishing continuation to Kalaban, offering a blend of intense top-down action and survival horror. Play the game solo or plug in a controller to hop in as a second player in couch co-op! Monsters and fiends won't stand a chance against two players working as one

SPACE CONQUER - Windows, Html5, Android Game - 2020 PEGI 7
Free to play on and Google Play

You're a Space Conqueror Exploring Unknown Planets. An unstable wormhole causes a forced landing, which leads to the destruction and evacuation of the ship. This game was submission to LOWREZJAM 2020

POISONOUS - Windows Game - 2020 PEGI 16
Patreon Supporters Early Access

A 3D Horror Adventure Game in First Person. Play as a character named Jack.
Story based in the Devil´s Creek town. Fight, shoot and drive
through crazy story about the bet for the bottle of booze with friend named Mike.
Environments are realistic. There is threats like humans and animals.
Explore and survive till to the end

Area 51 Defense - Windows Game - 2019 PEGI 7
This is Paid game on Steam and

Area 51 Defense is an action-packed survival shooter with crazy enemy encounters and random power-ups.
The game itself is a "comedic mayhem shooter", where you defend Area 51 from web-dwelling monsters, minions and foes. Complete waves and gain the highest score while doing so

Medlab Terror - Windows Game - 2018 PEGI 7
Free to play on

Medlab Terror was created as a technology demonstration using the Unity Engine. The goal of the demo was to attract possible publishers and secure funding for the development of the full game.

The gameplay is focused on fast-action and first person exploration. Our plans for the full game are to feature a survival mode, as well as random-generated challenge maps. The game is mostly set in a science facility which has gone to hell, and your mission is to escape it.

So far we have not secured a publisher for the game, and are open for business negotiations!

Speeder Challenge - Windows Game - 2018 PEGI 3
Free to play on

In this game you control your speeder on an icy planet, blasting robot orbs and collecting power-ups. To get the highest score you must move as fast as you can and hit as many booster slopes as possible!

Speeder Challenge was an entry to the "Fusion Wars" game jam of 2018

Kalaban - Windows Game - 2016 PEGI 16
 This is Paid game on Steam, Humble Bundle and
Demo version is free to play on Steam
 Horror-themed action-adventure game set in alternate history Finland. The game has a strong focus on storytelling and open-ended gameplay. Kalaban is currently available on Steam, HumbleBundle, and Gamejolt.

After the introduction, the player is let loose on the gameworld. You're given the freedom to explore the setting in a non-linear fashion. Combat and exploration are the heart of this game. You kill monsters, gain loot and eat food to heal yourself. We wanted to make the combat fun and approachable. The game is presented with a serious tone, but beneath it lies absurd comedy, with strange events and characters.

Development of the game took nearly two years, and it was first launched on Steam Greenlight in October 2016. The game has since gained praise and positive feedback on its atmosphere, visuals and writing

The Suomi RPG - Windows Game - 2015 PEGI 7
 Free to play on IndieDB

 A graphical role-playing adventure in the northern land of Fintannia. It was developed for the Assembly Summer 2015 Gamedev compo. The game is made to spoof classic Ultima gameplay, and the control scheme was made fittingly retro.

During the game you must collect words of power by speaking to the NPCs and searching clues from the game world. By yelling these words, you can open the dungeons or "Rymyluolas", and collect the five pages of Sketch to form the ultimate codex of wisdom: the Book of Random

MashMaster - Windows Game - 2015 PEGI 12
 Free to play on IndieDB

MashMaster is a topdown action game, where the hero fights against hazards on a ruined asteroid. You can collect loot, buy better weapons and ammunition and advance the story in a non-linear fashion. Zombies, grokes and other monstrosities try to hunt you down during your mission, so be careful!

Skipocalypse: Episode 1 - Windows Game - 2014 PEGI 3
 Free to play on ModDB

The ski resort of Metro City is under attack by demons, and it is up to our heroes to save the day! In this shareware episode you can play as either Metrocat, a creature who has escaped the labs of Voltacore, or Maxie, the fearless leader of D.O.G.S. scuba commando team.

Skipocalypse is an arcade topdown shooter where you must destroy all the demon eggs in the levels, find all the keys and blast all the nasties that come in your way

Neurotron Alpha Demo - Windows Game - 2014 PEGI 3
 Free to play on ModDB

This demo was made for the Assembly Summer 2014 gamedev competition. It is a retro topdown RPG set in the dark cyberpunk world of the future. In the demo you can play as the Programmer, who can heal herself and disarm traps in the mission. If you can hack into the Sensorium, you can also disable the security bots and play through the mission as a pacifist.

The combat is handled in a "you move, I move" manner, a kind of mix between realtime and turn-based gameplay. You can also search the rooms for loot and use your inventory items during the game. Neurotron also features the InfoDex, which scans and examines objects around